Harm Reduction is plain EVIL in Sweden

Happy New Year Everyone!
There has been a massive and concerted anti-THR effort in Sweden this Silly season.
Absolutely all news outlets picked up on a re-released statement from the Norwegian Doctors Association calling for a total and lifelong ban on purchasing all forms (especially snus of course) for anyone born after the year 2000. This is called “phasing out tobacco from society”. In theory this is against all forms of common sense and choice discussions, but if only applicable to combustibles, at least probably healthy for those who heed the ban. Everyone else loses.
Sweden picked up beautifully on the (staged?) cue from Norway and went absolutely haywire. Doctors against tobacco, who pretty much run the show, went public and stated that the entire arsenal in the FCTC and much much more, should be invoked to once and for all end the scourge of tobacco use. Any mention of Harm Reduction for tobacco users, also clearly stated in the FCTC was conspicuously absent. Any note of also tobacco users having human rights in line with the rights stated clearly in the convention equally absent.
This morning there is a HUGE attack on vaping in Sweden’s largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, spewed forth by A Non Smoking Generation (started 1979) and an anti-nicotine youth organization called Smart Youth.
Mutagenic (Oooh, nice catch, thanks to Knapston at The Telegraph and the formidable global ANTZ network, they are better than Burston Marsteller),Formaldehyde, cytokines, acetaldehyde, acrolein, glyoxal and methylglyoxal. Add to this particulates, nickel, tin, chromium. They say that 9 of 11 found toxicants are present in equal or higher concentrations compared to regular cigarettes. (which 9 out of which 11??)
Furthermore youth buy these products when they cannot get a hold of snus or cigarettes, and this is a hugely bad and terrible thing.
Furthermore nicotine is a fantastically toxic and horrible substance in and of itself. E-cig therefore are a perfectly clear and proven “gateway” to snus use, to cigarette smoking, and to narcotics.
They want:
1. No sales to minors (C’mon, everybody agrees on this)
2. Ban ALL flavors except possibly tobacco
3. Ban ALL marketing
4. Include vaping in ALL smoke-free areas
Make no mistake about this: This is an effort to secure TPD2 or higher regulations on e-cig/vaping. This is an effort to secure an elevation of the warning labels on snus from “may cause harm” to “causes harm”.
This last piece of “snus” legislation is planned for this January, pretty much exactly 2 months BEFORE Swedish Public Health have promised to finally release a report that tries to quantify the harms from snus use.

Those of us who are reasonably well acquainted with ANTZ tactics and strategy of course immediately realize that FDA will NEVER certify a product as “Modified Risk Tobacco Product” that just had it’s warning label ELEVATED in it’s home country.

A product class that just got it’s 114,000 page and 10 million dollar “MRTP” application denied by the US FDA in 2016, and also had the warnings ELEVATED at home in the Public Health paragon Sweden, also in 2016:


Is there any chance of stopping a global (outside Scandinavia and North America) de-facto ban on a 98% harm reduced tobacco product as alternative to lethal smoking?

Unfortunately, probably not

The timing and effort and obvious preparation of this campaign in Sweden is truly staggering in it’s covertly global implications.
This is so truly Machiavellian in design and execution that I must take my hat off and congratulate them on a job marvelously well done
Since the report will be irrelevant when it comes, since “Snus causes harm” is already law, they are therefore free to lie about as much as they want to nicely fit with the legal definition. Lovely, just lovely!
The actual answer came already in September 2013 from the Karolinska Institute. Nothing has ever been really reported, found or measured in 200  years of use and clinical practice. Therefore, since the answer is certainly awfully close to ZERO but we can’t have that, more money for research was urgently needed and earliest possible time for preliminary indications on harms from Snus was advised for march 2016. See article on this farcical Public Health sham and utter disgrace here: Something is ROTTEN in the tobacco control state of Sweden
Therefore hugely important to legislate harm already in January 2016
Check it out below!

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