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Weekly update on THR in the media (Bill Godshall)

With credits and gratitude to Bill Godshall, vigilant as ever!


Please note that the anti-nicotine lobby complex in Sweden (Tax funded organizations all run by the same group of less than 30 people) including Tobaksfakta, Doctors against Tobacco, Psychologists against Tobacco, Teachers against Tobacco, Dental care against Tobacco, Nurses against Tobacco, Professional organizations against Tobacco…………………… have all conspicuously omitted to even mention the RCP report from this week, and the PHE policy shift that started in August 2015.

Royal College of Physicians issues 200 page report advocating smokers switch to vaping

Royal College of Physicians – Nicotine Without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction

Promote e-cigarettes widely as substitute for smoking says new RCP report

John Britton: Nicotine without smoke – putting electronic cigarettes in context

Cancer Research UK: Reducing the harm of tobacco, could e-cigarettes be part of the solution?

Cancer group lauds report encouraging vaping use

Mike Siegel: Royal College of Physicians report recommends widespread promotion of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

AVA: Switch to vaping to avoid ‘almost all of the harm from smoking,’ says Royal College of Physicians

Vaping Vindicated: The evidence that vaping helps wean smokers off tobacco is overwhelming. The NHS should embrace it as a route to better public health

E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors

UK doctors urge wide promotion of e-cigs to help smokers quit

Doctors warn of big tobacco firms entering e-cigarette market

Doctors body strongly promotes e-cigarettes as healthier alternative to smoking as EU rules make them weaker

E-cigarettes could save millions, say doctors

E-cigarettes ‘much less harmful than smoking and should be encouraged’

A major medical group just threw its weight behind e-cigs

GPs advised to ‘promote e-cigarettes widely’ as smoking substitute

Royal College of Physicians study finds e-cigarettes should be widely promoted as substitute for smoking

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians

Scotland Herald View: Progress on vaping

Scotsman: Vaping must be allowed to work

Why e-cigarettes should be ‘widely promoted’ as a substitute for smoking

Vaping is about reducing harm, not being harmless

Are e-cigarettes good or bad for you? Everything smokers need to know

UK medical body backs e-cigarettes (from AAP in Australia)

American news coverage of RCP report

UK report advocates substituting e-cigarettes for tobacco (Godshall comments)

British Medical groups says smokers should switch to electronic cigarettes
Note that Obama’s CDC responded to RCP report by deceitfully and falsely claiming “There is currently no conclusive scientific evidence supporting the use of e-cigarettes as a safe and effective cessation tool at the population level. The science thus far indicates most e-cigarette users continue to smoke conventional cigarettes.”

Jacob Sullum – Royal College of Physicians: Vaping Can ‘Prevent Almost All The Harm From Smoking’

British study on electronic cigarettes promotes significant reduced-harm promise of products

Taking an abstinence-only approach to vaping undermines public health
(previous THR opponent Andre Picard warms up to vaping)

E-cigs ‘good for public health’, say doctors

British scientists think vaping has ‘huge potential’

E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, UK group declares
(responding to RCP report, Big Pharma funded ALA’s Erika Sward deceitfully claimed that comparing interpretations of scientific evidence on vaping by DHHS/ALA and PHE/RCP is like comparing “apples to oranges” due to different e-cig laws, and claimed FDA’s Deeming Ban is needed before it can be determined if e-cigs help smokers quit).

E-cigarette study doesn’t convince Nova Scotia’s top doctor

Legacy lies initiative spins RCP e-cig endorsement by falsely claiming “US and UK policy makers and scientists have the same goal: ending the tobacco epidemic and dramatically reducing the deaths, disease, addiction and toxicity from combustible tobacco use.”  But since 2009, Legacy, CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, AAP and Obama’s DHHS have tried to ban the sale of lifesaving vapor products by repeating many false fear mongering claims about vaping (all of which has protected cigarette markets).

FDA Deeming Ban

Venable: House Appropriations Committee approves new e-cigarette “grandfather date”;
Currently marketed products would be spared

Watch/listen to US House Appropriations Cmte’s 4/19/16 debate and vote to support the Cole/Sanford amendment to prevent FDA from banning >99% of vapor products–e_V7s

Wasserman Schultz slammed for opposition to e-cigarettes

Mike Siegel: DNC Chair mistakenly claims that Cole amendment will make it harder to regulate e-cigarettes

Clive Bates: The tobacco control high command has lost its way – what we learn from its views on FDA priorities

Joel Nitzkin: What drives tobacco policy?

Heartland Institute vaping experts react to House vote loosening proposed e-cigarette regulations

FDA vapor prohibitionist Mitch Zeller obfuscates on FDA vapor ban and THR at NATO

Tampa Tribune editorial: FDA still blowing smoke

FDA/NIDA funded researchers cite dozens of studies finding vapor products have improved public health, advocate public policies to encourage smokers to switch to vapor products; but repeatedly claim vaping “may” benefit smokers, propose absurd evaluation framework, and fail to acknowledge the disastrous vapor prohibition policy of Obama’s DHHS since FDA unlawfully banned the lifesaving products in 2009.  “A framework for evaluating the public health impact of e-cigarettes and other vaporized nicotine products”
(for full text of Levy et al study, please send request via e-mail)

FDA/NIDA funded researchers issue press release urging FDA to be “open-minded” about e-cigarette regulation; but don’t express opposition to FDA’s proposed Deeming Regulation, which protects cigarettes by banning >99% of nicotine vapor products.

E-cigarettes: FDA ‘should be open-minded about regulation’ (re Levy et al study)

E-cigarettes may actually help people quit smoking, saving many lives (re Levy et al)

E-cigarette use can potentially reduce deaths from cigarette smoking (re Levy et al)

FDA funded study finds e-cigarettes are more beneficial than harmful (re Levy et al)

ACSH: On e-cigarettes, tobacco control experts ask FDA to focus on the good

US Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) keep protecting cigarettes by conflating lifesaving vapor products with deadly cigarettes, repeating lies about vaping and FDA’s Deeming Ban, lobbying White House to ban vapor products.

US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) protects cigarettes by lobbying White House to impose FDA’s vapor deeming ban

Obama’s CDC and Big Pharma financed AAP again falsely claim e-cigs are target marketed to teens (to lobby for FDA’s Deeming Ban); study unsurprisingly finds teens who vaped were more likely to see a online vaping ad, but CDC/AAP deceitfully conflate lifesaving vapor products with highly addictive and deadly cigarettes, and falsely claim ads lure teens to vape (even though vast majority of vapers were/are smokers)

Clueless and/or biased news media repeat CDC/AAP’s false allegations that online e-cig ads lure teens to vape

FDA/NIH activist researchers falsely insinuate that e-cig advertising causes teens to vape

Mike Siegel: Simultaneously published studies demonstrate severe bias in e-cigarette research (by CDC and AAP)

Big Pharma financed vapor prohibitionist CTFK’s Matt Myers repeats CDC’s false claims about online e-cig ads to lobby for FDA’s vapor Deeming Ban

Legacy lies intiative repeats CDC’s false fear mongering claims about online e-cig ads to lobby for FDA’s vapor Deeming Ban

Clive Bates rebuts CDC study that falsely insinuates e-cig ads cause teens to vape

FDA funded anti vaping junk scientists repeat disproved false claims about OTP and vapor products as factual, rely upon inaccurate and unreliable Nielsen data (that doesn’t track sales at vape shops, tobacco specialty stores on online) to falsely claim e-cigs are more addictive than smokeless tobacco, poorly attempt to estimate price elasticities.

DHHS funded activists falsely claim (in study title) their study of 21 dual little cigar and cigarette smokers supports FDA’s Deeming Regulation, which would ban many cigars and prompt dual cigar/cigarette smokers to switch back to exclusive cigarette smoking

Legacy lies initiative falsely claims hookah is just as addictive and more harmful than cigarette smoking to lobby for FDA’s cigarette protecting Deeming Ban, banning hookah bars and taxing hookah.

FDA/NCI funded Stan Glantz greatly exaggerates risks and use of hookah to lobby for FDA Deeming Ban

DHHS lies about smokeless tobacco

Brad Rodu: In the FDA’s new anti-smokeless tobacco campaign, #TheRealCost is to taxpayers and public health
Rodu exposes and debunks false claim by FDA’s Mitch Zeller (fabricated by CDC’s Jane Henley and ACS’s Michael Thun) that “Each year in the U.S., more than 2,300 people are diagnosed with oral, esophageal and pancreatic cancer due to smokeless tobacco use.”

Brad Rodu: Curt Shilling’s public service announcement is a Major League blooper

Clueless and/or biased media and minor league baseball repeat FDA false claims about smokeless tobacco without fact checking

More FDA

Federal lawsuit charges former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, her husband Peter Brown, his hedge-fund company Renaissance Technologies, and Johnson & Johnson of RICO violations.  Lawsuit claims all defendants conspired and financially benefited from Hamburg’s actions at FDA regarding J&J’s drug Levaquin, claims Renaissance Technologies owned hundreds of millions of dollars worth of J&J stock as Hamburg served at FDA, claims Hamburg failed to disclose financial conflict of interest during Congressional confirmation, claims Brown’s income increased from $10 million in 2008 to $125 million in 2011, claims Hamburg was appointed to head FDA due to political contributions by Hamburg and Brown to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Lawsuit also claims Renaissance Technologies owned $360 million of Lorillard (maker of Newport) stock in 2011, when FDA unlawfully banned and demonized e-cigarettes, and when FDA was under pressure to ban menthol cigarettes, indicating Hamburg, Brown, Renaissance Technologies (and Lorillard) profited from Hamburg’s/FDA’s decisions to unlawfully ban and lie about e-cigs and to not ban menthol cigarettes.


Competitive Enterprise Institute and CASAA sue US DOT challenging airline vaping ban


US Defense Dept conflates low risk tobacco products with deadly cigarettes,
expands tobacco/vapor product usage bans, increase prices.


Altria reports adjusted .5% cigarette shipment volume decline in 1Q16 (compared to 1% US industry wide cigarette volume decline in 1Q16), and a 7.8% smokeless tobacco shipment volume increase in 1Q16.

Reynolds American reports 35.1% RJR cigarette volume increase in 1Q16 (due largely to acquisition of Newport), 3.3% American Snuff moist snuff volume increase, and an estimated 5% moist snuff industry volume growth.

BAT reports 3.6% cigarette volume increase in 1Q16 (with most increases in Asia)

Japan Tobacco International launches first tank e-cigarettes across the UK

Smoke signals: Philip Morris, healthy company? (on PMI’s new heat not burn products)

Imperial to cut 375 jobs at Greensboro cigarette plant (previously owned by Lorillard)


Tobacco giants hit with $35.5 million award in trial over lawyers deadly cancer (FL)

Reynolds hit with $13 million verdict in smoker death trial (FL)


Cigarette industry funded Mackinac anti cigarette tax activists exaggerate black market impact of cigarette tax hikes in OK and other states with low cigarette taxes


CASAA asks California vapers to urge Gov. Brown to veto cigarette protecting anti vaping legislation (SBX2-5)

California Assembly passes bill (AB 1594) to ban the use of all tobacco and vapor products on the property of all public colleges and universities, $100 fine for violators


MA Senate approves anti vaping bill (S2234) with 32-2 vote

CASAA asks Massachusetts vapers to oppose anti vaping bill (S2234) that would ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned, ban vapor product sales at stores with pharmacies, increase minimum age for vapor product sales to 21, ban vapor product sampling.

MA Governor Baker backs increase in minimum age for tobacco sales to 21

Washington State

Local e-cigarette stores say new state regulations are positive for business

Vaping Bans

Ontario to ban vaping, medical pot, in places where smoking is banned

DeKalb County City (GA) Mayor Ted Terry wants to ban e-cigarettes, decriminalize marijuana

More Minimum Age

Chautauqua County (NY) legislature increases minimum age for tobacco and vapor product sales to 21

CASAA asks Chautauqua County (NY) vapers to oppose increasing minimum age for vapor sales to 21

CASAA asks Albany County (NY) vapers to oppose increasing minimum age for vapor sales to 21

Portland (ME) City Council to consider raising minimum age for sales of tobacco (and probably vapor) products to 21


Newsweek issues Special Edition called Vape Nation, but magazine cover calls vaping a vice, and shows clouds of vapor as a marijuana leaf


Clive Bates: E-cigarette impact assessment exposes useless and illegal policy (UK/EU)

Tobacco lobbyists demand say in EU debate on . . . . tobacco lobbying

BBC Video – The EU in 10 objects: The e-cigarette

Improving Public Health: The role of local authorities in reducing smoking
Conference – Tuesday May 17, 2016, Grand Wellington Hotel, London


Sally Satel: What’s really killing India’s smokers
Misinformation about e-cigarettes and vaping presents a growing threat to public health.

Jacob Sullum: Indian merchant gets three years of ‘rigorous imprisonment’ for selling e-cigarettes

THR Research

ERF and AEMSA post 900 e-vapor studies in Existing Research Citations list

Ron Borland and Coral Gartner: Rethinking therapeutic and recreational nicotine products: a commentary on Hatsukami et al

Study finds indoor vaping ‘unlikely’ to pose a health risk to bystanders

More THR Education and Advocacy

Gerry Stimson: Public health should step aside. Vapers are now leading the fight against smoking. (UK and worldwide)

Previous THR opponent RSPH publishes The Pleasure Principle by Sarah Jakes (UK)

Dave Sweanor: We can be heroes

Interview with Bill Godshall: Fighting for Vapor (pages 34/35)

Leicester vapers talk about quitting smoking with e-cigarettes (UK)

The Heartland Institute – The Vaping Wars: Brian Fojtik and Victoria Vasconcellos
(streamed on April 20)

Vapor Product Safety

Brooklyn kiosk owners claim teen blinded by exploding e-cigarette was at fault

Smoking Cessation

Australian Court forces drug regulator to consider BAT’s nicotine inhaler application

Court rules Health Canada unfairly blocked quit smoking aid after Pfizer complained

Pfizer and GSK funded study claims verenicline and buproprian not associated with
neuropsychiatric adverse events Pfizer press release

Increasing tobacco harm

Health Canada looks at forcing tobacco companies to make cigarettes more harmful

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

UAE University’s Mohammad Al Houqani falsely claims e-cigarettes more harmful than cigarettes at purported anti smoking conference in Dubai

Lite nya artiklar om Tobaksskademinskning

Tack till Vapinggiraffe för sammanställningen

Friday, Apr. 29, 2016
Taking a stance sharply at odds with most American public health officials, a major British medical organization urged smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes, saying they are the best hope in g…
Electronic cigarettes, which produce a nicotine vapour without tobacco, have become increasingly popular in the last decade, bringing with them a fair bit of controversy. We’ve blogged before about…
Smokers should be offered and encouraged to use e-cigarettes to help them quit, says a leading medical body. The UK’s Royal College of Physicians says there is resounding evidence that e-cigarettes…
E-cigarettes should be used as a viable harm reduction strategy to help patients give up on the ‘addictive and lethal’ habit of tobacco smoking, according to the RCP’s Nicotine without smoke report…
LONDON E-cigarettes are likely to bring benefits for public health and should be widely promoted to smokers to help them quit tobacco, Britain’s Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said on Thursday. …
A new British report concludes that e-cigarettes are a blessing rather than a curse, arguing that the potential health benefits greatly outweigh the risks. It’s a position that runs in stark contra…
John Britton, professor of epidemiology1, Deborah Arnott, chief executive2, Ann McNeill, professor of tobacco addiction1 3, Nicholas Hopkinson, reader in respiratory medicine4, Tobacco Advisory Gro…
It’s official, vaping is now the doctor’s orders. Today, the Royal College of Physicians have released a 200-page report promoting use of e-cigarettes to help people quit. The RCP say there is reso…
The report stretches to almost 200 pages and goes into great depth on all aspect relating to tobacco-control policy and electronic cigarettes. It covers everything from the science behind nicotine’…
E-cigarettes have paved the way for many to quit smoking in favour of “vaping”, which is significantly safer, according to a leading cardiologist. Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos of the University of Pa…
Hundreds joined together in Toronto Apr. 9, to protest the Ontario government’s plan to restrict the use and sale of e-cigarettes and vaping. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Bill 45 has received widesprea…
Part of the International Vapor Group, VaporFi is the industry’s premier manufacturer and retailer of cutting-edge electronic cigarettes, e-cig accessories and nicotine e-liquid. Visitors to our br… – Shared by The AVA
Among the key messages in the exhaustive report is that any potential risks of vapor products must be compared against those posed by smoking. “Some harm from sustained exposure to low levels of to…
Description Joyetech Cuboid 150W Dual 18650 TC Firmware Upgradeable Mod Introducing the Joyetech Cuboid, an incredibly small dual 18650 battery TC mod! It is just slightly larger than the Joyetech …
The Royal College of Physicians has today stated it wants GP’s to understand the clear benefits and opportunities of vaping and want Doctors to urge smokers to switch to vaping.  They also question…
E-cigarettes should be widely promoted as a substitute to smoking to help the nation’s health, a new report has concluded. Smokers have been urged to turn to vaping after its benefits were highligh…
Electronic cigarettes (EC) are electronic devices that produce a smoke-like aerosol (commonly referred to as vapour) that the user inhales. This vapour typically contains nicotine without most of t…
Months after California’s Legislature failed to act, a coalition of health experts and the state’s schools chief on Wednesday launched a petition drive to qualify an initiative for the November bal…

KI kallar episkt etiskt haveri för medicinsk kontrovers

En bild säger mer än tusen ord, eller som i detta fall, båda samtidigt.

Detta är svaret från nye (hen, är det då nye eller nya rektorn, hmmm?) rektorn på Karolinska Institutet, med anledning av framförd allvarlig kritik. Kritiken gäller att tobaksforskningen inom KI på 45 år har underlåtit att kvantifiera hur stor riskminskningen är av snus jämfört med rökning, inom ett 5% intervall. Till och med ett 10% intervall hade i och för sig räckt utmärkt för att Sverige 2016 skulle haft en radikalt annorlunda tobakspolitik jämfört med idag.

Ett ytterligare mycket rimligt antagande är att även EU, USA och resten av världen haft en radikalt annorlunda tobakspolitik om de relativa riskerna mellan olika tobaksformer vore allmänt kända. Sverige kommer knappast att kunna undgå ansvar för att ett skifte mot lågriskprodukter försenats med nästan ett halvt århundrade. Särskilt som WHO beräknar dödsfallen av rökning detta århundrade till uppåt en miljard.

90%, 95%, 98% eller 99,6% (99,6 är från Wickholm, 2005, KI samt tandläkartidningen) skadereduktion och riskreduktion av snus är absolut inte en medicinsk kontrovers, det är en uttalat medicinsk-etisk kontrovers och inget annat.

Uppenbarligen anser brevskrivaren att det fortsatt är rimligt att rökare, snusare och icke-tobaksbrukare inte skall få information om att snusbruk är ett 95% (minst) mindre farligt bruk jämfört med cigarettrökning. Uppenbarligen med förklaringen att då kommer andra åtgärder att fortsatt framstå som bättre och mer effektiva.

Det är knappast en medicinsk kontrovers.

JPG Brev till Atakan Befrits 2016 03 15 kopia