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One week of WW-THR findings

Thanks as always to the eminent Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania for collecting and disseminating links to research, media, policy and politics surrounding the World War on Tobacco Harm Reduction:

UK government finds record low 17.2% cigarette smoking rate for adults in 2015, acknowledges vaping a reason for decline (from 20.1% in 2010)

Smoking numbers hit new low as Britons turn to vaping to help quit cigarettes

Analysis of 2014 Eurobarometer survey (of 15+ year olds from 28 EU states) data finds:
– Current smokers were 36 times more likely than never smokers to vape nicotine daily,
– Former smokers were 52 times more likely than never smokers to vape nicotine daily,
– Current smokers were 29 times more likely than never smokers to vape daily,
– Former smokers were 39 times more likely than never smokers to vape daily,
– 93% of daily vapers reported vaping nicotine daily,
– 1.08% of total population (15+ years) vaped daily, and 1.00% vaped nicotine daily,
– Just 0.08% of never smokers vaped daily, and only 0.04% vaped nicotine daily,
– 49.1% of daily nicotine vapers reported quitting smoking by switching to vaping,
– 0.0% of daily vapers reported increasing their cigarette consumption, and
– 9.3% of ever e-cig users vaped daily, and 8.6% of ever e-cig users vaped nicotine daily.

The 2014 Eurobarometer survey also found (as detailed in August 2016 article below):
– 6.1 million EU citizens quit smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping,
– 9.2 million EU citizens had reduced cigarette consumption after beginning to vape,
– Just 1.3% of never smokers reported current use of nicotine e-cigs, and
– Just 0.8% of ever tobacco/vapor users reported using vapor first.

Bulgarian Health Ministry says 4.6% of Bulgarians are now daily vapers in Europe’s  most prevalent cigarette smoking country, where 31.4% still smoke cigarettes daily.

FDA PATH survey found almost 90% of American youth (ages 12-17) who vaped in past month reported doing so because vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoking, refutes claim (in recent JAMA letter) that flavorings are why youth vape; Saul Shiffman to present this and other PATH findings at SRNT conference March 10 in Florence, Italy.

Study of young adult vapers (ages 18-45) in US finds:
– Daily users of e-cigarettes found them at least as satisfying as cigarettes.
– Satisfaction from e-cigarettes was more likely in more frequent users.
– All daily users reported them as less dangerous than cigarettes.
– Perceived danger from e-cigarettes was higher in less frequent users.
– Daily users of e-cigarettes were more likely to be using non-cig-alikes.

New UB study sheds light on perceptions of e-cigs

Study finds young vapers (ages 16-26) correctly know that vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and that vaping has made smoking less acceptable

Mintel survey finds UK smokers are still more than twice as likely to use vapor to quit smoking than Big Pharma drugs (62% vs 29%), which is why Big Pharma and its funding recipients have demonized and lobbied worldwide to ban vapor sales and use. But UK news headlines hype drop (from 69%) in percent of smokers who vape to quit smoking.

Survey of customers at 14 vape shops finds 84% reported first buying a vapor product to quit smoking

Four country survey found smokers who tried vaping to quit smoking (compared to smokers who tried quitting cold turkey) were far more likely to report 30 day sustained cigarette abstinence in countries that don’t ban sales of nicotine vapor products (i.e. US & UK) than in countries that banned sales of nicotine vapor products (Canada & Australia).

Brad Rodu: E-cigarette toxic chemical exposure is same as for nonsmokers

Nicotine vapor has far fewer genetic effects than cigarette smoke

Brad Rodu – Heavy Snus Use: Possible Link to Type 2 Diabetes

Brad Rodu: Nicotine, Smokeless tobacco & Tourette Syndrome

THR Education

BAT Harm Reduction Focus Report 2016: Inspiring Products Driving Change
(new BAT report more accurate than info from all public health agencies, except PHE)$file/Harm_Reduction_Focus_Report_2016_v2.pdf

Nitzkin discusses issues on Tobacco Harm Reduction

Log Cabin Republican Gregory Angelo: Vaping is best way to stop LGBT smoking

Scott Ballin discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction

UK vapers urge the Chancellor to recognize benefits of vaping on “No Smoking Day”

Fresh urges smokers to Ditch or Switch to Vaping on “No Smoking Day” (UK)

Responsible Parent’s Response to Child Vaping


Big Tobacco has caught startup fever (about new low risk tobacco/nicotine alternatives)

Proposed BAT acquisition of Reynolds clears US antitrust hurdle

NJOY completes financial restructuring

Marlboro brand value hits record high of US$32.4 billion

North Carolina based Madvapes registers 86 e-liquid products to comply with EU TPD

TMA hires new president and CEO Christopher Greer

GOP Healthcare Reform Legislation

GOP healthcare reform bill would eliminate CDC’s Prevention and Public Health Fund, which wasted $495.3 million of taxpayer money on “Tobacco Use Prevention” (including demonizing and banning use of lifesaving vapor products and very low risk smokeless tobacco products) since 2012 (i.e. $126M-2016, $111M-2015, $105M-2014, $60.3M-2013, $93M-2012), Godshall comments.
“Tobacco Use Prevention” stated purpose “To raise awareness and shift key attitudes and beliefs about the harms of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke in areas of the country with some of the highest rates of tobacco use prevalence.”

FDA Deeming Regulation/Ban

VTA, SFATA, AVA, CASAA urge House Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi to support Cole/Sanford bill (HR 1136) to keep many vapor products legal to sell after FDA’s Deeming Ban on August 8, 2018 (by moving the Feb. 15, 2007 predicate date)

Heritage Foundation – Rethinking Tobacco Policy: The Federal Government Should Stop Blocking Alternatives

Joel Nitzkin: Congress, Please Make Smoking Less Harmful

Guy Bentley: A modest reform could mean life of death for the vaping industry

ACSH’s Hank Campbell: Myths, Facts and Fixing Policy on Vaping

4 State AGs (AZ, TX, LA, MI) file amici brief opposing FDA’s Deeming Regulation/Ban on premium cigars

FDA’s lies about and proposed ban for low risk smokeless tobacco products

Nitzkin/Rodu: FDA should get out of the smokeless tobacco industry

Guy Bentley: How the CDC masks the truth about smokeless tobacco

Brad Rodu discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction (and FDA lies about smokeless tobacco)

THR prohibitionists at TCLC endorse and promote FDA’s proposed standard that would ban the sale of >95% of smokeless tobacco products in the US, which would prompt many/most of the 3.2 million cigarette smokers who also use smokeless tobacco (per FDA’s PATH data) to increase cigarette consumption and reduce smokeless tobacco use.

FDA/NCI financed extremist Stan Glantz urges FDA to not extend public comment period on proposed cigarette protecting standard that would ban sales of >95% of low risk smokeless tobacco products now on US market, and would prompt many of the 3.2 million dual users of smokeless tobacco and cigarettes to increase cigarette consumption.


FDA lets Reynolds’ Natural American Spirit cigarette keep using term “Natural” in brand name and trademarks (after previously claiming it was a banned MRTP claim), FDA agreed to settlement with Reynolds in January that wasn’t made public (requiring removal of terms “Additive Free” and “natural” on brands’ labels, advertising and promotions), anti-tobacco/vapor extremists CTFK and Legacy lies initiative criticize
Note that FDA’s agreement with Reynolds is similar to FDA’s agreement with Altria’s John Middleton allowing “Black and Mild” cigar brands to keep that name (even though the TCA banned the word ‘mild’ as a tobacco brand descriptor), and is consistent with a 2004 statement by Altria’s Mark Berlind about 1st Amendment protections.

CTFK’s Matt Myers and Legacy’s Robin Koval in denial that brand names are protected by the US Constitution, criticize FDA for letting Reynolds keep cigarette brand name.

22nd Century says it withdrew its MRTP application for its very low nicotine cigarettes, and now plans to submit a “more expensive and robust” MRTP application to FDA.

FDA increases fines on retailers that violate the Tobacco Control Act

Trump Administration

Trump appoints Noel Francisco for US Solicitor General; Francisco is a Jones Day lawyer who represented Reynolds in lawsuit that struck down FDA’s unconstitutional graphic cigarette warning labels (after Godshall warned Obama’s FDA that its intentionally deceptive warnings may be unconstitutional)


Fort Lauderdale law firm wins $6 million tobacco verdict for WWII veteran’s widow


New Mexico Senate approves bill (SB 231) to impose 76% tax on vapor products, increase cigarette tax from $1.66 to $3.16/pack, increase OTP tax from 25% to 76%

Kansas Senate rejects Gov. Brownback’s proposed tobacco tax increases

Kansas Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee amends, recommends passage of bill (SB 130) to change vapor e-liquid tax from $.20/ml to $.05/ml
CASAA asks Kansas vapers to urge legislators to support and enact SB 130

After NY State Health Commissioner Zucker sends letter to all MDs in NY that grossly misrepresents the evidence on vapor products and urges their support for Gov. Cuomo’s proposed $.10/ml tax on e-liquid, R Street sends letter responding to Zucker .

NY Conservative Party: Block Tax on E-cigarettes

PA Rep. Jeff Wheeland to proposed bill to change PA’s 40% vapor tax to $.05/ml
PA Sen. Camera Bartolotta to proposed bill to change PA’s 40% vapor tax to $.05/ml
CASAA urges PA vapers to send letters of support for bills to tax e-liquid at $.05/ml

CASAA urges MN vapers to oppose bill (SF 1052) backed by Reynolds to impose $.30/ml tax on e-liquid.

Frank Chaloupka points out that raising cigarette tax benefits health and economy (OK)

UK Government to increase taxes and duties on cigarettes

Philip Morris Limited (PMI’s subsidiary in UK) urges British government to slightly increase cigarette tax to purportedly encourage smokers to switch to less harmful smokefree alternatives, but PML opposes any substantive cigarette tax increase.
Ironically, in 2015, Philip Morris Limited vehemently opposed a UK cigarette tax increase, and instead urged the UK government to tax vapor products (see page 290)

BAT opposes minimum excise tax on cigarettes in UK, claims it will hurt low

Indiana E-liquid Monopoly Law

Indiana Senate Cmte votes 8-1 for bill (SB 1) to repeal Indiana’s e-liquid monopoly law

Flavoring Bans

Menthol cigarettes will soon be banned (UK)

NJ Assembly/Senate Health Cmtes approve bills to ban sale of flavored vapor products

Flavored E-liquid

Clive Bates: Are e-liquid flavours really

Advertising Restrictions

Advertising Standards Authority bans billboard showing Santa Claus vaping (UK)

Minimum Age

Utah bill (HB 406) to increase minimum tobacco/vapor sale age to 21 years dies in House

Idaho bill to increase minimum tobacco/vapor sale age to 21 years dies in Senate

CASAA urges IL vapers to oppose bill (HB 3208) to raise minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

Florida bill (SB 1138) would increase minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

Vaping Bans

New Mexico Senate approves bill (SB 318) to ban vaping in workplaces after bill sponsor Sen. McSorley falsely claims scientific evidence has found vapor aerosol harms nonusers

Allegheny County (PA) Council protects cigarettes, threatens smokers and vapers, bans vaping in 99% of workplaces (despite no evidence vaping harms non users) after Health Dept, Big Pharma shills, UPMC and MDs lied about vaping risks and benefits, and after County Executive Rich Fitzgerald pressured Democrats on Council to vote for ban.

Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center commits public health malpractice, protects cigarettes (and UPMC’s future revenue from treating sick and dying smokers) by lying about vapor products, urging Allegheny County Council to ban vaping in 99% of workplaces.

Kokomo and Howard County (IN) ban smoking (and smokefree vaping) in workplaces

Croatian bill to ban vaping in workplaces sent to Parliament for consideration

Tacoma/Pierce County (WA) Health Dept post vaping ban signs that deceive public to believe vaping is as harmful as cigarette smoking.

Arkansas bill (SB 285) to ban vaping in workplaces dies in Senate committee–1/

Access to Vaping

Inmates in Irish prisons may soon have access to e-cigarettes

Vapor Prohibition – Taiwan

Clive Bates: Challenging the proposed e-cigarette prohibition in Taiwan

Clive Bates urges Taiwan to reject proposed cigarette protecting vapor ban

International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations urges Taiwan to embrace lifesaving vapor products instead of banning them

R Street’s Eli Lehrer and Ed Anselm urge Taiwan to reject proposed cigarette protecting vapor ban


Derek From: Ottawa could muzzle access to scientific data on vaping (Bill S-5)–ottawa-could-muzzle-access-to-scientific-data-on-vaping.html

Derek From: Vaping laws keep less harmful option out of Canadian’s reach

Derek From: Feds need to rethink anti-vaping legislation

Tyler Dawson – Tobacco control endgame, is it really about saving people?

Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott touts contradictory goals of reducing tobacco use to 5% by 2035 while imposing even more bans on lifesaving vapor products

Eric Gagnon: How marijuana makes the obvious case against plain packaging for tobacco products (Canada)

CAMH deceptively conflates its “tobacco free” policy with a “smokefree” policy, opposes cigarette smokers switching to low risk smokeless tobacco products


Experts slam TGA e-cigarette ban as ‘unethical’ and ‘unscientific’ (Australia)

New Zealand

NZ Mauro Party co-leader Marama Fox calls for government subsidization of vapor products (just as it subsidizes Big Pharma drugs) in NZ where vapor sales are banned.

Mauri health group urges NZ Health Ministry to subsidize vapor products for smokers

Smokers shifting onto e-cigarettes ‘is a win’ – Kiwi doctor (John Cameron)

‘I think we’ve got a win’ – NZ doctor believes vaping could shift people from smoking tobacco


Big Pharma funded health and medical groups in Israel upset Health Minister Litzman won’t ban sales of PMI’s low risk heat-not-burn iQOS

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

FDA/NCI funded study finds air contains more benzene than e-cig vapor, but study authors (the same ones who falsely claimed vaping emits lots of formaldehyde in the NEJM) deceive peer reviewers, editors and news media again by falsely claiming their new study found “significant levels of cancer-causing benzene” in e-cig vapor.

Science Times article repeats and further hypes false fear mongering claims that vaping emits lots of benzene, along with horror stories about benzene to confuse and scare

Abstinence-only anti-THR extremists at CASA protect cigarettes by falsely claiming just 20% of adult cigarette smokers in US are addicted, repeat hundreds of false fear mongering claims from junk studies to demonize nicotine, lifesaving vapor products, very low risk smokeless tobacco products, low risk cigars, pipes and hookah; deceitfully conflate all tobacco/nicotine products (except Big Pharma nicotine) with cigarettes.

Big Pharma financed ACS and ALA falsely claim cigarette companies sell most vapor products in US, but they will if FDA’s Deeming Regulation (that was aggressively lobbied for by ACS, ALA and other Big Pharma shills) isn’t rescinded or repealed.

Singapore’s Health MinisterAmy Khor falsely claims low risk heat-not-burn tobacco alternatives are “not significantly different” than deadly cigarettes, claims (despite zero evidence) they will addict children and be gateways to cigarettes as reasons to ban them.

Polosa/Howard refute false claims by DHHS funded vaping opponents about “dripping”

Big Pharma/FDA/NIH funded American Heart Association press release falsely claims vaping may increase stroke risk more than smoking (based on totally inapplicable rodent study in which mice were given more than a lethal dose of nicotine daily for 30 days); lazy stupid news media repeat false fear mongering claim without any fact checking.

Mike Siegel: American Heart Association claims that vaping causes severe strokes and is more risky than smoking

Philly Health Cmsnr Farley (who lied about vaping to lobby for NYC’s 2013/14 workplace vaping ban) now falsely claims cigars are target marketed to youth

FDA/NCI/Legacy funded Glantz keeps lying about the modest impact smokefree workplace laws had on heart attack rates (as the vast majority of workplaces were already smokefree before the laws were enacted), comments refute and debunk Glantz

California Health Dept funded Yolo County Health Dept denounces retailers for selling lifesaving vapor products and low risk cigars (but not deadly cigarettes)

California Health Dept demonizes vaping again, and retailers who sell vapor products

Orange County Register hypes Yolo County Health Dept’s demonization of vapor

FDA funded junk study authors rely upon Twitter postings in another deceitful attempt to misrepresent why millions of smokers have switched to life saving vapor products

Huff Post runs yet another op/ed that falsely claims vaping is addicting many nonsmokers and is harming vapers

CVS funds study to congratulate itself for ending tobacco (and vapor) sales

CVS press release falsely congratulates itself for nation’s decline in cigarette smoking,