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SWEDEN HOT NEWS: Top priority for Asthma and COPD but caregivers cannot recommend the best alternative to cigarettes (after just quitting of course)!!

The Swedish Government Health Guidelines assign TOP PRIORITY to smoke cessation in asthma and COPD patients, since families with smoking are disproportionately affected by and hurt by asthma and COPD.

This has been a headline piece of news the last few days in print, online and television.

The same set of guidelines assigns “NEVER DO THIS” for recommending inveterate smokers to at least try and switch to snus, a 99% harm reduced form of tobacco/nicotine use. Besides being 99% harm reduced overall the product has a 100% effect on the smoking related lung diseases since there is no smoke (reasonably logical). This guideline has been revised 3 times since 2009 with no change.

Glaringly these guidelines cannot support snus because there is no data on cost/benefit analysis. More glaringly there is no data because the National Board on Health and Welfare, by their own admission, have not and will not, make such a cost/benefit calculation.

This may be due to the fact that the costs for this intervention are so obviously ZERO and actually add significantly to tax revenue, that even a moderate effect would be very positive.

What is even more disturbing is that there are 6 (SIX) swedes not smoking with this intervention for every 1 (ONE) swede not smoking with any of the following interventions combined: Zyban/Chantix, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenge, nicotine inhaler, nicotine patch, nicotine spray and nicotine pouches.

To verify with Sweden’s premier Think-Tank on tobacco, please follow the link below:


Snus Email sent to president of Finnish Hockey Federation Nov 5th 2015

Dear Mr Kummola,

My name is Atakan Befrits and I am a Swedish Turk working with Tobacco Harm Reduction focusing on the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia and Africa.

I completely agree with you that snus should not be visible in any sports venues, no tobacco or alcohol products should ideally be “promoted” in sports venues where children and young attend.

However, Sir, the signal that you are sending is very different. When you say that snus is an ethical problem as well as a public health problem, you are signaling that snus is a very dangerous product.

Snus, in actual fact and like it or not, has not killed a single Finn in over 200 years. Chances are quite high that ice skating accidents have killed more Finns, than snus has.

Whoever has convinced you of that snus is a public health problem (it can absolutely be considered a public nuiscance) is driven by a moral agenda to end tobacco use. I can without any doubt whatsoever successfully prove to you that snus has not caused one single fatality in Sweden in over 200 years, smoking on the other hand causes 12,000 deaths per year in Sweden.

In Sweden 6 people are no longer smoking cigarettes with the help of snus, for every one person no longer smoking with the help of nicotine gum, patch, spray, zyban, champix all put together. Without causing one single fatality.

Sir, I hope that in your next public appearance on this subject, you will clarify your position to indicate that snus should never be used by anyone, snus should never be used visibly in any sports venue, but if snus is what can help smokers to quit then you absolutely support that!

Thank you very much in advance and with my best regards

Atakan Befrits
Stockholm/Northern Cyprus