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FDA needs to Think – Not feel – about Tobacco Harm Reduction

We need to Think – Not feel – about Tobacco Harm Reduction

Supplement to FDA docket comment

Please find below uploaded document with a brief explanation on the snus situation in Sweden over 100 years. The reason for uploading is to augment a docket comment submission to the FDA on iQOS as an MRTP. There is absolutely no question whatsoever that the iQOS fulfills the criteria, given the current best available science.

The point of republishing this discussion paper is to assist in lifting the current framework anchor around this class of products. The mental framework should be anchored to the safest products with the longest history of industrial production and widespread use in a well defined and well studied population. Worst case scenarios should absolutely be war-gamed, but the game should extrapolate from the safest anchor point.

PDF 0 registered serious harm in Sweden from snus in 100 years

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