The FCTC is arguably the most comprehensive global tool against the devastating health effects of smoking and is now ratified by 180 Nation States.

This post deals with Harm Reduction, a pretty intuitive and simple concept practiced and accepted almost universally.

The FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) belongs to the body of what is commonly referred to as International Law, in effect to a large extent binding for the ratifying states to the convention.

Is it ok to secretly and surgically remove from practice, a crucial passage found in this piece of International Law, because you don’t like it, and then just carry on as if nothing has happened. No consultations, no democracy, nothing?

Is it then ok, adding insult to injury, to accuse anyone who dares point out this totally obvious discrepancy, of being evil, murderous, unethical profiteer from children getting addicted, and in clear breach and violation of said International Law? When in fact it is the reverse that is true?

Well, that is pretty much exactly how it’s been done and is being done.


Below is the only and global legal definition of “Tobacco Contr0l” as defined in the very onset in the FCTC treaty text, and thus is International Law:

“tobacco control” means a range of supply, demand and harm reduction strategies that aim to improve the health of a population by eliminating or reducing their consumption of tobacco products and exposure to tobacco smoke;


Open the below document, it is the official 10-year celebratory leaflet honoring the first 10 years of the Tobacco Conventions existence. I dare you: find one single hint, not to mention actual mention, of Harm Reduction as a viable strategy to improve the health of tobacco users.

FCTC anniversary leaflet where is Harm Reduction?

Since I simply cannot believe anyone would even consider NOT wanting to reduce harm and risk to people who are obese, climb mountains, race cars, refuse to exercise, drink too much or whatever else one might think of; therefore I must clearly be mistaken.

Why would harm from tobacco be any less worthy to try and minimize?

Please point out my mistake to me, so I can get peace of mind before the holidays.

If you can’t then I will be just as happy for your help in finding whoever stole Harm Reduction from the FCTC, so that we may put it back where it belongs.

Either way, please share this information as wide and far as you can.

99,999% of the share of the world’s population, who have even heard of the Tobacco Convention, have absolutely no clue or suspicion that Harm Reduction is a perfectly valid and clearly stated strategy to combat disease and death from tobacco.

Just as valid as reducing supply and demand

*Season’s Greetings to All*

Atakan Erik Befrits



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