Replies to Braillon and Trégouët

Answer to question from Monsieur Braillon on source data for smoking trend lines in Norway when snus became widely available in 2000 and then vaping products around 2010:

Certainly Sir,

This is the website of the Norwegian statistical institute.
Also please be advised that in Norway it is absolutely illegal (as in Sweden) to inform users that the full Tobacco Harm Reduction potential (of the snus product or vaping product) is only realized if one quits cigarettes 100%.
For further information the Norwegian Institute for research on tobacco, drugs and alcohol is a good place.
In Sweden the Public Health agencies were in 2013 ordered by the government to provide best available numbers on total harm and ill health from smoking and from snus.
The report they submitted is titled “Registry Data on Ill health from smoking tobacco”. In effect meaning that the Registry Data available on snus was ZERO.
In 1900 7,000 tonnes of snus was consumed in Sweden giving an approximate 1 million exclusive users in a 4.5 million population. In 2000 again about 7,000 tonnes of snus was consumed in Sweden giving an approximate 1 million users in a 9.5 million population.
Never in 100 years was snus use ever below 10% daily adult male exclusive use, yet there is ZERO Registry Data on ill health.
Snus is not harmless, but the harm is below relevant measurement criteria and “lost” in the general “noise”.
Considering that there is no doubt whatsoever that Calvados is a clear cause of ill-health, I think this is a pretty strong case for responsible Government promotion of Tobacco Harm Reduction.
Granted Sir, there are no long term data on vaping. But the EU in it’s infinite wisdom chose to ban snus while allowing definitely cancer causing Indian Khaini smokeless tobacco and I haven’t heard any signs of banning or imposing toxicant level thresholds for Calvados??
Idiocy I say, idiocy!
Kind regards
Atakan Befrits


Answer to Monsieur Trégouët on that smoking in France is actually rising and that this would be a good case AGAINST “Tobacco Harm Reduction”


I would interpret your belief as a very good reason FOR “Tobacco Harm Reduction” products, not against them.
To the best of my research findings there are some 400 million more smokers compared to when Sweden and WHO started working seriously against the transnational cigarette companies in 1970.
It is my impression that daily smoking among french is declining, but very slowly. Am I wrong?
The war on nicotine is not proving any more effective than the war on drugs or the war on alcohol (prohibition).
Do you, Sir, have source data for your belief that the proportion of adult smokers in France have gone up? And data supporting that this in some way is connected to vaping, in France?
Kind regards
Atakan Befrits
(My graph is from the Government Statistical Institute in Norway, I just added the trendlines where snus was introduced in 2000 and vaping started to become popular around 2008-2010)
NorwaySnus2000-2014 with vaping
SmokingSnusNothing with tags
THR encroaching on smoking
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