Document for meeting attendants who are interested

Genuine apologies, 14 years to get this far and then a messenger call from a colleague no less sneaking through carefully killed ring signals and all systems set to red, don’t disturb. O well, hell! Excellent to have this happen and to be a part of it, my main argument has always been and remains, we need a seat at the table. This is something we have effectively been denied through part malice, part blockage, part laziness and part authoritarian understandings of governance. Not for lack of trying I can assure you. It took ten years to get an invitation to a large anti tobacco (*industry*) conference in Sweden called “Air” and every single communication dutifylly noted with 5.3 compliant, non profit, non affiliated and non associated with industry. When we got there our name badges were very prominently marked “Tobacco Industry”. Our Public Health Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare seemed geneuinely nonplussed at our irritation over this and just commented that we were fussing, after all we do say they same thing so we must be partners or astro-turf.

Dont hesitate to call on me, if for nothing else then to help you find who you really should be talking to, that I am very good at. or or if urgent then +46 764 156046 (This goes for self declared friend and foe alike :))

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