Fact resistance against Tobacco Harm Reduction explained

Morning thought on responsibility and division of labor and what could possibly be the starting point for the existence and concentration of the “fact-resistant” strain of scientists, who proliferate in the space of “Tobacco Control”:

1. Keeping young and unborn from taking up nicotine and persuading as many users as possible to quit entirely, is the responsibility of parents, society and government, and is more than valid.

2. Providing continuing smokers and tobacco users with harm reduction alternatives belongs to the realm of private enterprise as it will compete with other private enterprise, this is also more than valid.

3. Giving ALL consumers best available information on best available health options (given nicotine use or no nicotine use) must by necessity be a cooperative effort between private enterprise and the anti nicotine actors.

It seems Glantz, Chan, McKee, and many more fail so utterly miserably in their jobs, which fall under 1 (their ethical jurisdiction), that they are willing to intentionally let people die by aiming to totally deny them access to efforts 2 and 3 (Over which they do not have any ethical jurisdiction, but a huge responsibility to be truthful). The only possible rationale for this breach of responsibility and division of labor must be in order to boost the importance and (idolatrous) image of what is essentially the biggest health policy failure globally in the history of mankind.

There are 350 million more smokers  today compared to when “Tobacco Control” started working in earnest. Yet their main and overarching goal in 2015 seems to be killing off the only known alternatives to smoking. These alternatives are produced and innovated by people who compete directly with smoking but cause no harm, with what rationale could that be considered bad?

Basically: Someone who absolutely really tremendously gloriously SUCKS at HIS/HER job sees it necessary and ethical to sabotage YOUR job, in order to appear better than they are, and doesn’t even care if it kills people. Lovely, juuust lovely.


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