Swedish Public Health lying to the FDA

Very short post:

An EU ruling removed the Cancer warning labels from Swedish Snus in Sweden in 2001. The warning on all snus now reads:

Snus may be harmful to your health and is addictive

Duuuhh! Snus is a tobacco product containing nicotine, so it is both addictive and probably not the best lifestyle choice if you can avoid it! That is not rocket science,  but all in all this is a fair warning without too much scaremongering.

Why on earth would the Swedish Public Health Agency feel a responsibility to, uninvited, write an official statement to the FDA in the USA warning them not to allow cancer warnings removal and a change to warnings in the USA on snus made in Sweden by Swedish companies, making them more similar to the warnings on Snus in Sweden? If snus causes cancer, shouldn’t they concentrate on challenging the EU ruling and have the Cancer warnings re-instated also in Sweden?

Sweden has 50% snus use, of total tobacco, without registering one single fatality from snus use in over 100 years. At the same time Sweden (Yeah, same agency) know that we have almost 12,000 fatalities per year from smoking, a number that would be 24,000 if all the snus users in Sweden smoked instead. Conversely Sweden would have ZERO tobacco related fatalities per year if all the smokers used snus instead.

This is something so bad that the Swedish Public Health Agency feels compelled to warn the FDA against the dangers of reasonable and proportionate warnings on snus and removing the cancer warning?

Oh, by the way, I do write lying in the headline. This is a long long dream of mine to actually manage to get dragged in to court. The really good thing about going to court is that you get to present evidence. Hence the removal of the Cancer warnings in Sweden in 2001. Sad to say though, it seems none of the agencies or NGO’s in Sweden seem to like the idea of meeting the THR scientists in court, so they just quietly allow me to verbally abuse them instead. That’s fun too of course, but it is not my goal.

Check out this bonanza of junk science:


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