An american insurer dares say what the entire country of Sweden has denied for 40 years, on Snus!

Dear All, I hope you are enjoying the summer of 2015,

It is not without a significant amount of pleasure and consternation that I present the below image, taken from a US health insurer with about as many customers as The Kingdom of Sweden has citizens.

Kaiser permanente 10 million people

The Kingdom of Sweden is the home of snus. Snus in Sweden has a 50% market share which in turn generates less than a <1% share of “Tobacco Related Disease” found in Sweden, which amazingly totals about 50% lower than any other country without snus. This number is per capita of tobacco users and means that if you smoke, you get sick; if you use snus, you don’t. This is very simple and straightforward mathematics that most grade school children can perform without a calculator. Still the combined efforts of WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH and the entire EU cannot seem to figure this out, or they just don’t want to.

The USA, with it’s well earned pathological fear of getting sued out of existence, has nurtured a culture not very prone to make unfounded health claims. This is to my thinking therefore pretty unique and also sets an important precedent for the future. Quite possibly this is a result of the company being in a non-profit format, rather than a for profit enterprise, or even worse, a government enterprise that is overly influenced by ideology and policy,

Maybe, just maybe, the company in question is in the unique position to just tell the truth as best as they know how, and in the genuine interest of their customers and themselves.

If so then that is absolutely fantastic, and I take of my hat to them.

Kaiser permanente 10 million people

How then, pray tell, do we globally foster and nurture the spread of this “corporate” culture on the very touchy topics of smoking, tobacco, nicotine, additives, production methods etc. and their respective level of health impact?

Oh, last but definitely not least I cannot enough stress the gravity of the below inconsistenc:

How the HELL is it even possible in 2015, that an entire country denies the benefits of a tobacco product that accounts for 50% of usage in said country with pretty much 0 detectable serious health problems, when a US health insurer is so comfortable with saying precisely that, knowing that they run the very real risk of getting sued if they are wrong? How is that even possible?

Enjoy your Summer!


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