Erik Befrits – Nicotine and Science Update December 10th 2014


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In his commentary, Dr. Marlow argues that in its proposed deeming regulations, the FDA has completely skewed its cost-benefit analysis by failing to recognize the dramatic negative effect its burdensome regulatory requirements for electronic cigarettes will have on the public’s health by virtue of the suppression of the e-cigarette market that these regulations will cause.


COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri Health System is rolling out a new “nicotine-free hiring policy” that forbids new employees from using nicotine – on or off the clock. Come Jan. 1, the system will no longer hire people who use any form of nicotine, will test for nicotine during pre-employment drug screenings, and can fire employees if it’s sniffed out later that they misled human resources, according to the policy.


Experts at a Heritage Foundation panel Tuesday compared the marijuana industry to big tobacco companies in the last century, saying there is a concerted effort to distort the science and target children. “I don’t know why we would want to repeat that nightmare,” said Kevin Sabet, co-founder and president of Project SAM […] marijuana advocates have funded much of their own research and tried to hide negative effects of smoking pot.


E-cigarettes are no longer a marginal phenomenon in Germany. They are being and advertised in this country on the internet, at gas stations and kiosks, […] In Germany, the advertising of e-cigarettes has not yet been subjected to regulation. By spring 2016 at the latest, when the EU Guideline on Tobacco Products will have been transferred into German law, the practices will be restricted in the same way as tobacco products.


Health fanaticism has become so tyrannical that critics are muzzled. Lies repeated often enough acquire the appearance of truth. Unlike health despots, people who value facts and freedom should encourage what they regard as healthy living as resolutely as they defend the rights of those who disagree. To that end, this column addresses two of the most egregious myths: that smokers increase healthcare costs and that smoking has no benefits.


A tobacco treatment program in a psychiatric ward for inpatients with comorbid mental health and substance abuse disorders led to lower rates of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use, researchers reported here. Compared with patients in the usual care group, patients in the tobacco cessation group were twice as likely to stay off tobacco 1-year later (22% versus 11%) and have lower rates of drinking (22% versus 58%) and cannabis use […]



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