Erik Befrits – Nicotine and Science Media Update December 23rd 2014

A parliamentary committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) is weighing up an amendment to China’s advertising law that would protect minors from harmful adverts, including cigarette ads, the Xinhua news agency said. If the amendment is approved, all such ads will be banned except those posted in tobacco shops, Xinhua said, citing an official at the NPC law committee.


Smokers who are unwilling or unable to quit smoking may benefit from using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for harm reduction. This may include the partial or complete substitution of cigarettes with NRT. A taxonomy of the characteristics of those using NRT for harm reduction would be helpful in tailoring advice and treatment. Although attempts to categorize those using NRT for harm reduction have been made, these have largely been based on quantitative data.


Survey results released last week indicate that use of electronic cigarettes by American teenagers continues to rise, even as their use of conventional cigarettes continues to fall. You might think these diverging trends would give pause to critics who worry that e-cigarettes are “reglamorizing” the old-fashioned, combustible kind. Yet opponents of vaping seem undeterred by reality’s failure to match their predictions. […]


[…] Oxford Dictionaries selecting vape as its Word of the Year 2014. The selection actually made sense, as more and more people are choosing to ingest their cannabis via increasingly popular vape pens — portable, pen-like vaporizers that are discreet and ubiquitous. Cannabist critics have been reviewing the best (and worst) vape pens on the market all year long, and we’ll continue to review the technology throughout 2015 as well.


More than 30 percent of retailers in Maryland sell cigarettes to underage youth, according to state health officials. The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said its inspectors found that nearly 32 percent of retailers sold cigarettes to underage kids. Their findings were done in a series of random inspections from May through September. It is a violation of both Maryland and federal laws to sell cigarettes to minors.


Zero. That’s an important number in New Jersey’s fight against smoking. […] zero is the amount of state funding for tobacco prevention in New Jersey. This is deplorable, because we can do better than zero. Every other state does. By spending nothing — zero — on tobacco prevention, New Jersey is putting the health of its kids and families at risk. And not just physical health.



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