Erik Befrits – Nicotine Science and Media update November 28th 2014

Revenue & Customs has privately told British American Tobacco that fining tobacco companies for breaching anti-smuggling legislation could fail to tackle the black market, according to leaked minutes. The world’s second biggest listed tobacco company was penalised earlier this month for oversupplying cigarettes to Belgium amid concerns that genuine tobacco sold in lower-priced markets was being smuggled into the high-tax UK illegally.


Health campaigners Wednesday welcomed India’s unprecedented plans to raise the age for tobacco purchases to 25 and ban unpackaged cigarette sales, calling them a major step towards stopping nearly one million tobacco-related deaths a year. The plans, proposed by an expert panel, were announced by health minister J. P. Nadda in parliament on Tuesday and will need final approval by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet […]


The two biggest tobacco companies in Australia have begun a campaign to undermine the nation’s plain packaging laws, ahead of a Department of Health review of the effectiveness of the regulations. Philip Morris and British American Tobacco have briefed research and data to media outlets as “proof” plain packaging laws have failed, on the eve of their second anniversary on December 1.


As a transitional measure, existing licensed tobacco importers and retailers who import or sell shisha tobacco will be allowed to continue importing and retailing shisha tobacco until July 31, 2016, MOH said. This is to allow them ample time to deplete their stock and restructure their businesses away from shisha. Those who flout the ban could be fined up to S$10,000 or jailed for up to six months or both.


Electronic cigarettes have become immensely popular in recent years among smokers looking for a healthier alternative to the often-deadly habit. Retail outlets specializing in e-cigarettes have sprung up in communities across the country and companies are racing to patent new innovations in e-cigarette technology. It’s easy to see why e-cigarettes have gained so much attention lately: […]


NEW ORLEANS — A cigarette with that Sazerac cocktail at a French Quarter bar might become a thing of the past in one of America’s most famously libertine cities. In a move surely to divide opinions, the New Orleans City Council is considering an ordinance to make it illegal to smoke in bars, casinos, parks, at bus stops, work places and other public venues such as the zoo and festivals.



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