Erik Befrits – Nicotine and Science Media update December 3rd 2014

Uruguay’s decision to legalize pot doesn’t do justice to what’s actually happening. Cannabis is being legalized all right, but the product is being regulated by the state as never before. Senior Uruguayan officials insist that the legislation’s aim is to reduce cannabis consumption and encourage the population, especially young people through education programs, to resist using the product. In other words, legalization is a way of reducing consumption.


The research team analyzed e-cigarettes by having a machine “inhale” puffs from unnamed brands of e-cigarettes and analyze the puffs’ chemical content, AFP-JIJI reports. The AFP-JIJI story suggests the team looked for more than one or two carcinogens. The report didn’t say how many, however, or which ones. Combustible cigarettes create dozens of carcinogens. The researchers could have focused on any number of them.


Businesses and the public have until mid-January to give their views on the plans, which is contained in a Department of Health consultation document published yesterday. The most controversial part would see around 7,000 cigarette-vending machines put out of business. Cormac Dunne of the Irish Cigarette Machine Operators Association said yesterday the machines were operated by tokens, which stopped under-18s using them.


Let’s stipulate that smoking cigarettes is a dirty, dangerous and expensive habit, […] That said, it’s not by any means the only noxious personal practice in modern society, nor perhaps the worst one. And a new proposal to raise California’s taxes on cigarettes by another $2 per pack raises a question: How far can government go to oppress otherwise legal behavior it deems to be unacceptable without violating personal liberties?


The centers for disease control just released a study that found fewer Americans than ever before are smoking cigarettes. The findings should be unsurprising to big tobacco companies which have been dealing with falling demand for their key product for years already. Industry analysts say U.S. cigarette sales are off around four percent this year. So, it’s quite impressive that big tobacco stocks are up 25% or more year to date […]


The Brighton City Council on Tuesday voted to ban the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in the same public areas where tobacco is prohibited. Smoking, including use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited in: Public conveyances, Vehicles […] With the city council’s approval of the ordinance Tuesday, use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers will now have to follow already existing “smoking prohibited” regulations.



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