Erik Befrits – Nicotine and Science Media Update December 1st 2014

Dublin (AFP) – Ten years since setting a trend with its workplace smoking ban, Ireland is pushing ahead to be the first EU state with plain packaging for cigarettes despite fierce opposition from tobacco companies. Under the draft legislation before parliament, all forms of branding, including logos and colours, would be banned and all products would have a uniform packaging with graphic health warnings.


There are three firms currently trying to disrupt the tobacco industry. One is an early-stage development company from the biotech industry which is very much under the radar for many investors but whose prowess at biotechnology has the potential to be a game-changer. The others are two of the leading e-cigarette companies. With ever-growing health consciousness among smokers, more and more of them are turning to non-combustible substitutes […]


The warning label on cans of Swedish snus sold in the United States says that “this product can cause mouth cancer” and cautions that it “is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.” Swedish Match, the company that sells snus, has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to soften its warning label. How accurate is the current warning? How dangerous is Swedish snus?


The government’s planned new anti-tobacco legislation, news of which sent cigarette stocks crashing on Tuesday, will discourage manufacturers from “earning goodwill” through their legally mandated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, officials familiar with its drafting have told ET. This could choke off the few remaining outlets for earning societal goodwill for these firms, […]


Smoking is an unquestionably risky health behavior, yet nearly 1 out of 5 adults in the United States continue to smoke. While disease statistics and medical facts support a logical rationale for stopping smoking, this type of information may not represent a compelling motivation for some individuals to take action and stop smoking. At least one study has shown that less than ten percent of people who say they would like to quit are able to do so without help.


E-cigarettes are sold at many different types of retail establishments. A new type of shop has emerged, the vape shop, which specializes in sales of varied types of e-cigarettes. […] This study is the first to investigate marketing characteristics of vape shops located in different ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, by conducting a Yelp electronic search and content analysis of consumer reports on vape shops they have visited.



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