Erik Befrits – Nicotine Science and Policy update November 8th 2014

For Scandinavians snus is as Swedish as IKEA or ABBA, a popular and now elegantly-packaged smokeless tobacco that has transformed its image from a farmers’ staple to a habit of slick executives and Stockholm hipsters. But the future for main manufacturer Swedish Match may hinge on efforts to convince U.S. authorities these small pouches, banned on health grounds in the rest of the European Union, are less harmful than most other tobacco products.


The use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, is gaining popularity in the United States with millions of Americans having tried “vaping” at least once. […] People who consider using e-cigarettes as a way to stop smoking should know that the amounts of nicotine in e-cigarette solutions are highly variable. Even some “zero” nicotine e-cigarettes have been found to contain low levels of nicotine.


BELGRADE – According to the data published in “World Tobacco Atlas”, Serbia is leading convincingly in the number of cigarettes smoked during the year. Regardless of warning campaigns showing the harmfulness, ubiquity of smoking is still alarming. In Serbia, one third of adult population is smoking, writes “Alo”. Statistics show that every second man and every third woman smokes. […] Every second household has at least one smoking member.


In a move that would help in containing consumption of tobacco products, the Bihar government on Friday has announced the ban on the sale of some tobacco products such as pan masala, zarda and sugandhit supari in the state. However, there is no ban on cigarettes, bidis and khaini. The move will also aid the Central government in fight against the menace of tobacco products that cause serious potential problems including cancer.


BESIDES choosing lawmakers, on November 4th voters in three American states and the District of Columbia considered measures to liberalise the cannabis trade. Alaska and Oregon, where it is legal to provide “medical marijuana” to registered patients, voted to go further and let the drug be sold and taken for recreational purposes, as Colorado and Washington state already allow.


Santa Clara County has become the first jurisdiction in the western United States to adopt a law banning the sale of flavored tobacco products that are often marketed towards young people, a county spokeswoman said Thursday. Retailers selling tobacco will have to comply with the ban within 90 days and thereafter the Department of Environmental Health will conduct annual inspections to make sure the flavored products are no longer being sold […]



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