Erik Befrits – Nicotine Science and Policy Update November 5th 2014


Most popular in news last week:

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Menthol cigarettes might taste better than regular tobacco but are no safer and might lead to more severe lung problems, a new study suggests. “We were surprised that menthol smokers, compared to non-menthol cigarette smokers, reported more severe exacerbations and had a greater odds of experiencing severe exacerbations,” said Dr Marilyn Foreman of the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, […]


The Bernards Township Municipal Alliance Against Substance Abuse is hosting an educational program on smoking devices on Nov. 20, titled, “What Are You Really Smoking?” in Basking Ridge. This program is intended to educate the public on dangerous new-age smoking devices like electronic cigarettes, vape pens and hookah sticks, as well as present research on the harmful effects of tobacco, marijuana […]


Researchers at the University of Liverpool have shown that more than half of smokers using the Stop Smoking Service on Merseyside have tried electronic cigarettes, despite many reporting uncertainly about thier safety and effectiveness. The study highlighted that users of products not available through official services, should be encouraged to seek reliable information and guidance about interventions they are using to stop smoking.


The Singapore government said Tuesday it would phase out public shisha smoking to protect young people who feel that smoking tobacco through water pipes is less harmful than cigarettes. Faishal Ibrahim, parliamentary secretary for the Health Ministry, told a legislative session that a ban on new licences for shisha imports and sales would come into force this month. Existing importers and retailers will be given until July 2016 to shift to other businesses.


The Clean Indoor Air Act was passed in Western New York in 2003, banning cigarette smoking inside any public facility. In 1970, cigarette advertisements were removed from TV and radio, however smoking remained prevalent in movies, giving people – especially our youth – the impression that smoking is “cool.” Nonetheless, if you walk into that same restaurant or bar today where cigarettes have been long forbidden, you may still find smokers […]


NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India is considering a ban on electronic cigarettes over the risks to public health that they may cause, a senior Health Ministry official told Reuters. Such devices use battery-powered cartridges to produce a nicotine-laced vapor but there is a lack of long-term scientific research that confirms they are safe. Some critics fear they could lead to nicotine addiction and tobacco smoking.



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