Erik Befrits – Nicotine Science and Policy update November 12th 2014


Most popular in news last week:

  1. Government will allow flavour juices for e-cigarettes for now – read more…
  2. E-cigarettes are personalized tool to help smokers quit: Meaghan Earley, Euphoria Vapor – read more…
  3. Tobacco groups win right to challenge EU health rules – read more…

British scientists say they have found the best way yet to analyze the effects of smoking on the brain — by taking functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans of people while they puff on e-cigarettes. Matt Wall, an imaging scientist at Imperial College London who led the study using e-cigarettes, said he was not aiming to pass judgment on their rights or wrongs, but to use them to dig deeper into smoking addiction.


BENGALURU: As the state mulls a ban on chewing tobacco products, it has also been making it costlier to use other tobacco items like cigarettes. That’s sure to make health experts happy. But what has them worried still is the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, whose risks are still unknown. “Since they are not part of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, there is nobody to check how and where they are sold. […]


“For people who are smoking at the time of a cancer diagnosis, the first step in wanting to quit is knowing that smoking caused the cancer and that continuing to smoke will result in additional harm,” says study author Dr. Jeffrey Bassett. Smoking is the most important risk factor for bladder cancer. The American Cancer Society (ACS) report that smokers are at least three times as likely to get bladder cancer as nonsmokers.


Dubai Municipality has taken action to shut down 15 cafes that have violated the anti-tobacco law, national news agency Wam reported on Tuesday. The cafes were previously issued a warning by the municipality and were given a deadline to rectify their situation. It was not immediately clear what the violations were. However, the municipality is enforcing the federal tobacco law after a grace period to comply with provisions of the law recently expired.


People under the age of 18 could be banned from buying e-cigarettes, as the ACT Government considers ways to regulate their use and reduce consumer appeal. The proposal is included in a new discussion paper on reducing the harms of personal vaporiser devices, set to be released by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher on Wednesday. ACT Health will join other Australian jurisdictions in considering new restrictions on advertising of the products, […]


Washington, D.C., Alaska, and Oregon recently voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, […] The Tulsa-based e-cigarette company is looking to market a production method for cannabis oil, allowing the product to be consumed using a standard e-cigarette. Palm Beach Vapors is planning on patenting the method but has already finalized licensing deals in Colorado and California for what is known as the M-System.



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