Erik Befrits – Nicotine Science and Policy update November 10th 2014

At some point between the ages of 14 and 18 years, most Australians will smoke their first cigarette. Why do some go on to become pack-a-day smokers, while others will smoke only casually or not at all? This question is at the heart of the research of Associate Professor Rob Hester, […] “Nicotine dependence is the single biggest cause of preventable death in Australia,” Professor Hester says.


Cigars may be as bad for your health as cigarettes, particularly among experienced smokers who deeply inhale the toxic substances they contain. Cigar smokers have elevated levels of potentially cancer-causing ingredients in their blood and urine, a study from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found. The amount of NNAL, a carcinogen which comes only from tobacco, was as high in daily cigar smokers as those who regularly smoke cigarettes, […]


A controversial advert which shows a woman smoking an electronic cigarette will be broadcast tonight. It is the first time a television advert has been allowed to show someone using an e-cigarette and has prompted warnings it could encourage children to try them. Previous e-cigarette adverts were not allowed to show the devices being used and tonight’s advert follows a change in the rules from the Committee of Advertising Practice.


Some New Brunswick groups are calling for electronic cigarettes to be considered the same as tobacco products. The NB Lung Association would like to see the provincial government enact stricter regulations for e-cigarettes, saying there’s just not enough research to know the long-term effects of using the vaporizers. “There are a lot of chemicals,” said Barbara Walls with the NB Lung Association.


Local authority pension funds have nearly £2bn invested in the tobacco industry despite the county councils they represent being responsible for promoting public health, including anti-smoking campaigns, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. Local authorities in England and Wales have holdings in cigarette producers worth £1.8bn, of which more than half – £953m – is invested in a single company, British American Tobacco.


Supporters are heralding CVS Health’s (NYSE: CVS ) decision to create narrow pharmacy networks that penalize tobacco users as a brilliant move, but detractors think it may alienate customers. Both sides have valid arguments, […] CVS Health announced earlier this year that it would stop selling tobacco products in its retail stores and the company followed through on that promise in September.



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