WHO downplays danger of secondhand smoke

Although I do not agree with no risk from smoking, this post does make a very strong case for second hand vapor being completely harmless. Even if cigarettes didn’t cause cancer (they do) the plethora of other nasty diseases is good enough by far, cause to not smoke.

Frank Davis

Another article by Klaus K translated from the original Danish.

¤ Outdoor air pollution more dangerous than indoor tobacco smoke

¤ Do smoking bans protect against a non-existent disease risk?


COLOURBOXB(Photo: Colourbox)

First they said that indoor secondhand smoke was dangerous – now they say that the outdoor air in cities is more dangerous. Is secondhand smoke no longer officially a serious health hazard?

Well, officially it is – but the experts appointed by the World Health Organization (WHO) have twice, within 15 months, downplayed the role of secondhand smoke in the development of lung cancer by comparing the risk of tobacco smoke to the risks of outdoor air and diesel exhaust.

It happened when two official IARC-statements were published that placed outdoor air pollution and diesel exhaust on the group-1 list of known causes. Also on the list is secondhand smoke, despite some researchers’ skepticism.

Secondhand smoke…

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