Something is rotten in the State of Norway – blatantly lying information from the Norwegian Public Health Authorities

Dear all. Roly Gate recommended a new thread on the need for manipulating the Media.

My personal theory is basically that we need to methodically somehow start educating certain Media people to freely chose to expose and go after obvious lies and obfuscations and scientific fraud.

Why? Because obvious lying (especially by governments and NGO’s) is scandalous and scandal sells papers and adspace. In effect making it good business for the Media to work with us. For this to be possible I believe we somehow need professional PR help. Spin doctors if you will.

As an example check the below information and guess which one will be the most publicly advertised and cited in the Media.
If you check these two documents you will find absolutely shocking differences in factual content, presentation, discussion and conclusions.

Both were released within a period of 14 days from each other. One was released by the Norwegian Public Health authority and the other one by SIRUS, the official Norwegian research institute on Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco and published in peer reviewed (sorry Carl) International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The difference is actually quite shocking. And they are both from the same country and published within days of each other. Ok if there are lots of different “scientific views” in a country the size of the USA.

But come on, Norway has 5 million inhabitants. It simply shouldn’t be possible to get 2 diametrically different conclusions from using the same datasets in such a small population. Conclusion: One of the two is obviously blatantly lying, I simply cannot see any other credible explanation.

Here is the Drugs research institute one:

Here is the Public Health one

Snus use in Norway has tripled in five years – Folkehelseinstituttet
The increase in Scandinavian snus consumption in Norway is highest among young people, according to a new report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

How Has the Availability of Snus Influenced Cigarette Smoking in Norway?
Background: In Norway, low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco (snus) is allowed to compete with cigarettes for market share. We aimed to study how the availability of…

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