Media as alternative/complement to better and more Science

I have extensive experience in the NGO sector and know quite a bit about funding/demands correlation.

At the same time It is quite clear from science done (or not done because it simply wasn’t necessary since there is no harm) in Sweden and Norway make the case completely clear on “ST” and from that we can easily extrapolate a lot of knowledge and apply to vaping.

I do not believe we can fix the system.

I do however strongly argue and believe that we can manipulate it.

What this requires is massive and professional PR aimed exclusively at manipulating the Media (who don’t know or understand) especially in Sweden, Norway and the USA. A good start would be to get Media on that Swedish silence and procrastination of publication of a report before the TPD vote was taken, in reality changed the outcome of the vote. According to Rodu this in theory possibly unnecessarily kills 300,000 Europeans each year. This vote in turn creates 10s of millions of new smokers in India. In 2012 pharma made a profit dollar (from cigarette related disease) for every profit dollar made from selling cigarettes. Of course this is extremely newsworthy – given proper presentation and explanation. And as we all know – The Media rule precisely everything else. How do we round up all the ex-smokers (vaping or using snus) working in TV or other popular media?

Any suggestions?


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