CPME – Not being quite truthful in their lobby activities

CPME Manifesto 2014

CPME Manifesto 2014

Please see above from the CPME 2014 election manifesto. They strongly support doctors as being the best judges of what their patients will actually benefit from and that will promote their patients long term health prospects.

At the same time CPME has been very vocal and adamant on keeping the “snus” ban in the EU and also for medicinal regulation (dosage) of electronic cigarettes, and thereby sacrificing currently living smokers for the sake of future generations. (not ok according to me)

The CPME also by default has worked very hard to deny it’s own members (the doctors) even the theoretical choice/possibility of helping their patients lessen the risks associated with smoking by suggesting alternatives. This by advocating banning (or rendering ineffective) the proven effective cigarette alternatives already available on the market (regionally) today.

Sweden has 50% of Denmarks lung cancer. In Sweden 50% smoke and 50% use smokeless “snus”.

In Iceland sales of a kind of smokeless tobacco called neftobakk (not mentioned anywhere in any science whatsoever but used exactly like snus) has gone up by 200% during exactly the same period as Iceland has demonstrated one of the worlds best figures for reduction in daily smoking.

Norway has pretty much exactly the same figures between 2002-2012 and they relate it to free market availability of fully taxed smokefree “snus”

Someone, somewhere clearly is not providing the CPME members (2 million European doctors drowning in industry information) with: “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

If I were a European doctor, I would be absolutely furious about this and immediately demand an enquiry to ascertain what actually is true and what isn’t. So that I could provide my patients with the best option tailored specifically for them.

If I was a European patient (I am) I would also demand the same thing.


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