Fark Asyan/Afrikan dumansiz tütün ve Iskandinav tipi Dumansiz tütün – Erik Befrits (Atakan)

Good morning,

Anti THR activists when little else is left to them use as realistic arguments for their position often resort to clumping together different kinds of smokeless tobacco in to one group and then citing the most dangerous forms as the norm for the group. This is scientifically exceptionally dishonest and would not be accepted in any other scientific discourse that has to do with Public Health on population scale or on individual scale.

Please find below from BMJ (British Medical Joural) a review on the potential for high quality, low nitrosamine smokeless for use as a Tobacco Harm Reduction alternative in those Asian consumer groups that today use vastly more dangerous forms/mixtures of Tobacco use.

den 12 februari 2013


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